Strida on Commercial Airlines?

Hello: Has anyone traveled with a Strida and the travel bag on an airline? I want to know how durable they are and what tips or tricks you might have to travel on a plane with a Strida. Thanks


Yes many times - sometimes naked (the bike that is - ), usually in a soft bag, with foam prtotection over top ball joint … other end is protected by tires, to by seat and bottom by belt/pulley. I say its ‘sporting good’'s or golf equipment, or folding bike (depending on airlines policy - most allow free golf, sporting stuff and anything under 20Kg). Some charge specifically for bikes, but they mean FULL SIZED bikes. So far never been charged in 5 years travelling with a strida 3, and so far, no damage. (Much better than previous experience with a brompton which is a much more concentrated weight - one drop and it is bent, and sharp corners punch through bags.

If you are in the US, Jet Blue Airlines charges an over-sized luggage fee of $75 to take a Strida on board (as checked baggage). I like the “golf clubs” idea though. :wink:

Here is the Jet Blue policy: … se=obj(634

If you have a golf club travel bag/case, the Strida will fit in it if you just remove the seat from the frame and pack it separately in the same bag (wrap a towel around it). No one will think it is anything but a set of golf clubs.