Strida Mk1, serial 008171, market value ?

I have just purchased an used Strida bike, when I got home and checked what I have bought I realised that it is a Strida MK 1, serial 008171, in good shape. What I can see (Im no expert at all) is bike in perfect shape (some marks here and there but if I consider that the bikes should be about 30 years old, then I consider very good condition). I have tried to find similar bikes on sale just to see what the value could be on this bike and if anyone would be interested to give me an offer on this.

So my question is, is this bike worth anything, or it is just an odd bike, but no value ?
Where is the right marketplace to sell this kind of bike ?

I myself is located in south of Sweden, near Denmark.

Daniel Haagen

Hi Daniel,

Congratulation to your rare finding.

I cannot contribute anything helpful to your question but I made a similar bargain buy last year: Bought a 40 years old original 70th folding bike on e-bay.

Only after I’ve bought it I found out that it had this really rare duomatic gear shift. (Two gears, to be switched by a kick on the backpedal break.)

Even the seller didn’t have known it though he is a collector of historical folding bikes.

I’m so happy about this treasure. All my folding bikes are single speed and so this engineering marvel is now my favorite “mountain goat”.

Have you considered to just keep your finding?


Thanks for your reply. I agree, its really cool and Im really happy about the bike with this history. But I intend to use my bike as an everyday bike, and after what I have read (that spare parts is impossible to find, etc) I was thinking that it maybe is better to sell this bike to a collector or similar that really enjoy the bike and for myself I get a bike that fits better as an everyday bike.

Its just a thought I haven’t made up my mind yet, but in the meanwhile I’m checking if anyone have an interest of this bike.

Same here. All my bikes have to work hard to earn their parking space in the basement. :wink:

Following this thread. Because I’m curious about the commercial value of your oldtimer and if you will get in touch with a collector here.

Hi Daniel,

Old stuff about the past generations of Strida

Depending on condition your bike could be actually interesting for collectors.
To talk about the price you have to find first interested parties I believe.

Personally I’d not ride such an ancient rarity; instead of I’d pin it at the wall, preferred at a place without direct sunlight. Also I’d not recommend to buy a Strida older than version 5 - if it is intended for riding and not pinning :laughing:
You noticed that already; several parts of these bikes are not any longer in production since many years.

Some pics can’t be wrong :smiley:

Best wishes,



Thanks for your replies, here is some pictures.

Thanks - that is for my meaning really remarkable good condition!

What a pity that the old lady can’t talk…I’d love so much to ask her a bit, like;
how comes that you were laying in the shed for such a long time?

There’s always a story behind that old things…

I bought the bike from a guy that have had a bike store and this bike have been a test/demo bike, so never sold. So I guess Im the first real “owner” of it, also quite remarkable.