Strida Collection in Barcelona / SPAIN

Strida 1 :·: Strida 2 :·: Strida 3.1 :·: Strida SX :·: Strida MAS + 18"wheels
(thanks to Amuro for naming corrections) :wink:

Hi KeKeMaN,

Wow! you have a fabulous collection! :sunglasses:

However, I have to point out that the Strida 3 shown in the picture is a 3.1 instead of 3.2 :unamused:
Please look at the plastic clips on the wheels. :mrgreen:

When a Strida 5 equipped with 18" wheels, it is called Strida SX. :stuck_out_tongue:

Furthermore, this is actually an MAS Special Edition with 18" wheels.



I’ve just noticed that. Where are the refectors on the spokes of Strida 1 and Strida 3? Furthermore, where is the kickstand on Strida 1? :unamused:

Sorry AMURO LEE but Strida distributors scamed my and sold
the Strida 1 and the Strida 3 with no reflectors and no kikstands.
Do you know if the warranty still stands? I would like to request the missing parts.

Sorry KeKeMaN! I am not sure about this. :unamused:

The manufacture of Strida 1 stopped almost 20 years ago so I don’t know whether the distributor still keeps those parts. However, the manufacture of Strida 3 just stopped at the end of February of this year so I think the distributor/manufacturer may still have the parts.

Here are some pictures showing the missing parts:

Large round-shaped reflectors on the spokes of the wheels of Strida 1

Smaller round-shaped reflectors on the spokes of the wheels of the plastic-wheeled Strida 3

Close-up pictures of the kickstand on Strida 1