Strida bearings, how to treat/get them

Here’s a list of the actual Strida bearings from 5.0 upwards, first the standard ball bearings. These should be available worlwide without problems from well-sorted bearing suppliers.

- Wheel bearings 6001RS Ø28 x Ø12 x 8mm
Blind bearing pullers recommended but doable with basic tools.

- Bottom bracket bearings 6002RS Ø32 x Ø15 x 9mm
No pullers required, bearings can be removed by tapping the axle with plastic hammer. (Seeger rings should be replaced.)

- Upper bottom tube bearing 100-03 6802Z Ø24 x Ø15 x 5mm
Blind bearing puller highly recommended, additional mounting tools help a lot! High risk of frame damage – do not „try“ without knowing exactly what to do!

- Lower bottom tube bearing 100-04 6803Z Ø26 x Ø17 x 5mm
As above.

- Snubber bearing WC87008 Ø22 x Ø8 x 10mm
This is the oddest bearing I’ve ever seen in about 50 years since cracking my first ball bearings (to get the balls for the slingshot).
It is, kind of, NON Standard + extra…
If you search the web, you will get hits for WC87008, but is that actually the same bearing of our snubbers?
I say NO!!!
I have here meanhwile 8 snubber bearings and all of them have the size Ø22 x Ø8 x 10mm
but the WC87008 version of the web has Ø24 x Ø8 x 10,319mm (or equal in inch)

Logical conclusion; the bearing WC87008 of our bikes is a proprietary product and sold exclusively by Ming cycle. There is no other way to order than from your Strida dealer.

I wonder if anyone tried to mount the web version?