Strida 3 cone and locknut

Hello Everybody!
I am Strida fan since 2 years. I own Strida 3.
Last year my Strida started giving strange sounds from freewheel.
I decided to go to workshop to check it.
Unfortunately ppl at the workshop lost my freewheel cone and locknut :frowning:
Can you advise what similar parts I can use to have it back working?
Should I get whole new support?
I live in Poland, but I will be moving to Brussels soon, so would be great to have some word from Belgian user :slight_smile:

Hello Hubert,

Welcome to this forum!

I have no experience with Strida 3, so I can’t help you. But will be glad to have a talk with you when you move to Belgium!


Hi Hubert,

great that you’ve found us

Unfortunately I’m also not familiar with the Strida 3.0 series…

Once you move, could you do that via Paris?
Seems that the French guys do have some older parts in stock:

Guess the desired parts will look like this:

(Picture from Korean Strida dealer site, link with Korean letters didn’t work at the forum.)

You might also read here and ask the poster nicely if he has cones and nuts, too :wink:

Kind regards,


Hi, your dealer should know that its a “Fauber-bearing-set” as used on BMX bikes and should ne easy to be replaced…

Thanks for all answers
I will try to find BMX workshop around here, get the parts and put things together.

Best Regards

@ jester_parks:

Danke schön!
Never heard of this bearing type before, thanks for teaching! :smiley:

@ Hubert:

You might let us know if it worked :wink:
Good luck!