Saddle Position

Hi Guys,

Purchased my Strida SX 2 weeks ago. As adviced for the tall poeple in the Tips from Mark Sanders.pdf I wanted to adjust the saddle as far back as possible. But as you can see in the photo I couldnt decide where the maximum point to set it? The Max indicator position should be the end of the plastic? or should I set to it as close as to screw?


Hello and welcome here,

I’d suppose the marks are close to the curves of the saddle rails,
(my older version saddles don’t have these marks - just for info),
and it is meant that the clamp should stay away from the curve - for a certain amount.
The max indicator position is reached once the clamp’s edge is reaching the vertical line (and the clamp itself covers the “max”. lettering)

Please let me know if that was understandable :question: