Rear Flyweel noise


I have a new Evo and I noticed lately a interesting sound coming from the rear fly wheel.

it is a repetitive crick-crick-crick…crick-crick-crick…crick-crick-crick…

I thought it was from pedaling but it happens when coasting, the only clue I have so far is when I coast and shift my weight to front it goes away. Could it be my 203lb bulk? Time to lay off the snacks? or could it be something else?

Perhaps separately I noticed an additional crick noise when pedaling hard up hill. This is a new bike for me so I am just getting used to these things.

Hi tnprime,

I’m afraid “Change the freewheel and hear if the noise is gone” is not that what you wanted to read…
But that’s what I’d do; I mean there is still much room for snacks…
Maybe too much belt tension?

Oh yes (if you mean crackling noise)!
I bet this is exactly the Strida 5.0 “clicking” noise

And if you mean a rattling noise: That’s the rear brake cable inside the frame.

Maybe the hinge connecting the rear tube and bottom tube needs lubrication.

It’s separated by a plastic washer. It’s either you use mineral oil or remove the screw, separate the tubes and apply grease.