Quick question

Would I be better off getting a 3.2 to begin with, and then getting a 5.0 if I decide I like it? I’d hate to plunk down $800 and be stuck with something I hated, but I’d still like to try one.

Any advice?

If you have the option available, test ride each at a dealer. If not, I’d spend what you feel comfortable with experimenting with. The 5.0, though more expensive, has significant improvements over a 3.2. You can always re-sell it if it doesn’t work out to your satisfaction.

I agree.

I’d add that the 5 is stiffer and faster (mainly due to no limit on tyre pressures by having metal rims), and the brakes are better.

But the plastic wheels and hub brakes of the 3 make it more ‘abuse’ resistant eg for putting in planes checked luggage etc. - no spokes to break or discs to warp.

Its your choice - both bikes are excellent !

The disc brakes on the 5.0 are among the best brakes on any bike I’ve owned. The metal bottom-bracket housing on a 5.0 is a lot more sturdy than the plastic one on the 3.2 (some have had squeaking or flexing issues). The freewheel on the 5.0 is at the rear hub instead of the belt’s front pulley/“chainwheel”. Whether one is better than the other I can’t say, but I feel it would be odd to have the belt spin when coasting.