Problem with Big Apple 16"

Hi I have a problem with Schwalbe Big Apple 16x2.00, I’ve mounted them on a Strida LT 2012 16" wheel rim.
It’s all good exept the tire doesn’t fit perfectly in the rim, infact the rim goes off the reinforced rubber of the tire in some points and this caused the tire to break after a while.
I can’t see anyway to make it fit properly and I want to know if someone had this problem before

here are some pics of the damage and a new tire mounted

Thanks for the help

Hello Francesco91,

indeed a known problem:
Strange tire problem with LX rim

you might powder tube and tyre beads with talcum, sometimes is inflating above the maximum pressure helpful.
Please be careful, there is a pressure limit for the Lt rims (sorry, can’t find it at the moment).

The primary problem is that the LT rims do not really match to tyres of that extreme size;
the original 16 inch rims are slightly more wide (a few tenth mm).

Minutes ago I’ve tried to mount a Big Apple on a LT wheel and had exactly the same problem like you, but it was no problem to use these tyres on Alex Y303 (about 4 mm more wide than original rims).

Thanks Blackstridaaustria for your reply,
I’ve tried everything I could to make it come out properly: pomped till 8 bar (max is 5 bar) and a lot of soap but it didn’t work.
I’m thinking about changing the rim or trying another tire that is similar to the schwalbe big apple,
could you please suggest me some different rims and tires that will work?

Thank you very much for your help anyway.

Gladly, you’re welcome :smiley:

Just tried to mount a Schwalbe Marathon 16 x 1,75 on LT wheel - same problem :unamused:

Guess you mean to change the wheels as a whole?
LT wheels are one piece molded…

Like several other Striders I was interested to try wide tyres (and solve corresponding folding problems),
but I’ve switched soon to home brewn wheels…
…therefore, I’m sorry, I can not ensure which size of tyre might work with original (24 spoked) 16 inch Strida wheels.

But I can assure that the tyres Schwalbe City Jet 16 x 1,95, Schwalbe Big Apple 16 x 2,0 and the Schwalbe Marathon 16 x 1,75 (below left) actually fit to the used Alex Y 303 rims.
Alexrims / BMX page2

There’s already information about wheelbuilding at the forum, please take some time to read it…
…and let me know what you’re missing :smiley:

Thanks again and sorry if I dindn’t answer, didn’t have time theese days.

I will follow your advices and see if i can find a solutions, I will let you know if i do

thanks bye

Hi again!
I finally decided to buy those alexrims, so i wanted to ask you where did you buy them and how much did they cost to you, because i can’t find the price on their site.
I would be very grateful if you could give me those infos, thank you very much bye.

May I strongly recommend that you first order 18 inch Strida hubs for the planned wheel set?
(You did notice that you need 36 holed hubs for Alex Y303 rims?
16" Strida hubs are 24 holed, you’ll also need spokes, nipples and rim band.)
Please let me know… :wink:

Naturally, here’s the source list for:

18 inch hubs

the first (radial) set:
2 rims 16"/36H 70 €
72 spokes + nipples 28,80 €
2 rim bands 5,90 €
shipping D - A 17 €

the second (radial) set:
16" rims
spokes + nipples

added for the 18 inch wheel sets:
18" Alex Crostini and DV15

Hi I 've solved the problem by mounting the tires on the strida mas wheels and it fits just fine.

Thank you for all your help anyway bye!!

Thanks for the feedback!

Maybe you’ll show us someday your Strida…

Have a safe ride :smiley:


Anyone find a solution about this problem without buying new rims?

I have the same problem right now. i was not aware about this problem before buying the tires.

picture of my strida wheels right now. :frowning:

…but that’s 16 x 1,5 - correct?

Check this topic: Marathon Racer tyres and LT plastic rims

The only solution is to apply some soap on the tire beads and pump it up rapidly (with a compressor) to 6…8 bar and then gently reduce the pressure up to the desired value.

Thanks Bietrume,
I thought to remember that was regarding wider tyres only…


I have to delay this set-up.

I saw that some other folks used Big Apples on their 16" Strida. I happen to have one around but had a pretty hard time getting the bead correctly onto the rim. When I tried pumping to really high PSI, the bead came off the rim. Also, when it’s inflated to a reasonable level, the tire will rub on the belt.

I also used a Kenda Kwest 16 x 1.50 on my rear wheel. Installation was easy and was happy with the ride until the sidewall “failed”. I must have scrapped a curb or something of the sort … but don’t remember the incident.

Link to photo …

So now I’m trying to decide what tire to replace the Kenda with. I might stick with the Kenda since it may have been a freak occurrence. I see someone used the Marathon Racer but had mounting problems. Do both the 1.35 and 1.75 Marathons (regular) play nice with the Strida rim?

Whoopee !

I just double checked and despite the decimal ending it appears that the 16 x 1.35 tire is ERTO 349 instead of 305.

Image of Schwalbe page …

Just wanted to warn you about that - 349 :laughing:

I believe to have these tyres still here and may try them on the original rim :wink:

It was a relatively close call. Generally, my mileage on the Strida is short. So a harsh tire – 1.35 instead of 1.75 – would bother me very little. Since I use the bike for utility rides, I rather not have to deal with flats and such. I figure that somewhat narrower tire would be easier to mount than a somewhat wider tire on the narrow rim.

Anyway, the more I think about it, I’ll probably roll the dice again with the Kenda Kwest rather than a Primo Comet 16 x 1.35 kevlar belt. I like Primo Comets on other bikes but the Kwest is roughly 2/3 the price.

Anyone with experience mounting the Primo Comet?

Just to finish this … I did get the Kenda Kwest tires. Like the first tire, it mounted quickly and perfectly. Wish me luck for a little more durability this time!