Photo of Queen's Nephew riding Strida with his daughter

Viscount Linley is using a Strida bicycle to take his daughter to school, but he has been critised because the Strida is not designed to carry two people. A spokesperson for Strida is reported as saying, “The shelf is to carry a light raincoat, not a child. Viscount Linley is taking an incredible risk.”

That’s really shocking. A great photo thanks! OK if I use it on the news page?


What a photo!
His daughter, Margarita certainly has a good grip there! :laughing:

Actually, I’ve “stolen” the photo from the Dutch Strida website.:stuck_out_tongue:

I’m surprised that no one seems to have also pointed out that he’s not actually wearing a helmet

Probably because there is no UK law requiring helmet wearing :slight_smile:

Perhaps more importantly, his daughter is wearing a helmet…