New Strida LT user in Kaohsiung

Hello everyone! I’m a Yank who has been living in Kaohsiung, Taiwan since 2006. Just the other day I purchased a new Strida LT.

I mainly purchased it as I’m trying to use more public transportation and the ease of use of the Strida especially taking it on buses as well as the subway really is quite amazing at how fast it is to fold/unfold on the go.

I actually happened to find one that has a very nice dark blue color.

I would like suggestions for how else to pimp it out and what I could add to it. The store I purchased it from already gave me a lot of stuff, including a Strida headlight as well as tail light and a few other things.

Oh and it’s a little late and dark here so I’m sorry about this picture (took it with my cell phone camera too lazy to charge my Canon at the moment) but voila. I’ll update with better pictures soon.

I was also looking at perhaps changing out the chainwheel/crank to an orange one if they have one, as I’m a Boise State Grad and Blue/Orange are the main colors of my Alma matter. I found this and it looks orange but the information says red.



Hello golfmade,

welcome to the Strida Forum!

I’m glad to to hear you are living in the Eastern part of our globe… maybe you are able to look behind the philosophy of Eastern Strida riders, which seems to be different from that of the European riders (i.e. “pimping” or carrying 1000+1 bags :slight_smile: ).
That’s a reason why really fine parts are only sold in Far East, they (usually) never come to Europe… :cry:

I guess we will meet at ?
There you will definitely find specialists for “Strida-pimping” showing their obsessions…

please see here : [url]Brooks Flyer]

Best regards

Thank you kindly! Now the pictures fit!

I will do what I can to help others understand the ways of Taiwanese Strida riders, but I’m a new Strida rider myself and have yet to meet anyone else who has one!

I would love to visit HK actually, I’ve never been to HK and that’s a bit of a shame considering I’m not that far away being here in Taiwan. Perhaps this will give me the motivation to plan a trip to HK!

Do you live in Austria?

Yes…Austria’s capital Vienna, to be more precise …
We’ve heard tales about two other Strida riders here in Vienna, besides our two bikes… :smiley:

I believe you’re in paradise, living in Taiwan, where the Strida originates from.
For us in Europe it seems really difficult to get certain parts.

Look at your bike @bsa, I don’t think this is so different. We modify our bikes as well. You created new handlebar buttons.

The big difference are they are more people and more ideas. And more possibilities to share.

And I can carry a lot of stuff in my Carradice Camper. :slight_smile:


Hi Tom__,

didn’t mean myself, speaking of “normal” European riders…
…but actually I think the “Easterns” are much more playful!

Of course we modify our bikes, but more in the practical direction,I guess.

This hk folding bike club puts our pimping level to shame:

they pimp out birdy’s bromptons and stridas. and they take it seriously.

I have been to Vienna once. A very beautiful city and I had an enjoyable time.

Taiwan is paradise at times, however I do wish the road conditions were better and more importantly, safer.

@bsa Yes, if you talk about the culture, I agree. Except in the several “cycling” countries (like Netherlands) cycling is considered more sport and less transport in the western world. The only serious transport for the most people here is the car. I hope this will change.

@goldmade The blue color looks great. :slight_smile: