New Accessories for Strida

Saddle bag

Rack bag

Frame protectors

New design kickstand

Bottle Bag

Backpack with ipod earphone & control pad

Okay, rub it in. Why show pics of items I want but not show where/how to buy them?

In Hong Kong, people can buy them from Green Urban Mobility Limited.

In Taiwan, people can buy them from Big Fun International Co., Ltd.

I think you can e-mail them for asking whether they are willing to ship the items overseas.

Thanks for the contact info. We’ll see how it goes. I’m not optimistic - my other attempts for vendors in Asia have come up empty. I can understand it, though. The Strida just doesn’t have the attention and market volume here in North America that it enjoys there. Damn our car-centric culture!

let us know how it turns out, if they reply or not

Phil Heung of G.U.M. (see address above in Amuro’s reply) obliged my request to purchase the accessories. I paid through PayPal. Phil quickly filled my order for several of the items shown above and shipped it out from Hong Kong. I had the package in three days.

Leather Grips


Alloy Pedals

Wireless Cyclo Computer

Water Bottle