Merry Strida-MAS!

Merry ‘Strida-MAS’

Nadolig LLawen a Flwyddyn Newydd DDa!

I hope you all have a great Xmas and a safe & productive New Year!

Here is an Xmas GIF I hope you all like :- [url][/url]

Why Merry Strida-MAS?

Strida ([url][/url]) is the name of the belt-driven, stick fold, folding bike which was designed in Britain by Mark Sanders, whose design company is MAS ([url][/url])

Great! :sunglasses:

Merry Strida-MAS every Stridanaut! :wink:

Hey thanks for posting - That is GREAT - Chop is a super guy, and keeps THE best deposit of Folding bike Info : :sunglasses:

Merry Strida-MAS !

Chop!'s cargo bicycle looks useful… and I like this photo :stuck_out_tongue: