Love the Strida 5, perfect for college students

I liked the Strida 5 so much, I gave one to my college student son and bought another one. My daughter wanted that one, so now I’ll have to get yet another one, but I’ll have to sell a couple Dahon folders first to appease the wife’s observation that I have too many folders.

These things are exactly perfect for college students, as they can be taken into the classrooms instead of being left out to be stolen. The seat wobble is annoying though.

The Strida 5 turns heads wherever it is seen, although some say it looks like a clown bike.

Great stuff … welcom to the triangle fold !!
On seat wobble … yes the clamps have to be real tight … especially the top one. I fing that if the screrws are greaded and a proper allen key is used, the seat becomes solid. The pin is apparently NOT for support, just for alignment when adjusting … best to keep that in highest possible position.

See mark sander’s (the designer) tips … … m_Mark.pdf

I know I must register too :smiley:

Sorry meant to say: grease those screws

Mark himself has set his seat or saddle really high.
While some shops seems to see the pins as a mark
for how high it is allowed to have the seat so they set it
too low for the tall people.

So that advice is right on. Mark has a picture of how high he has it.

I wish the Strida company would send that picture to every retailer so they know it is ok to adjust it that high. Now some do misunderstand what the pins mean.