Introduction and question

Quick follow up on my bicycle.

I have well received the tubes. No presta/Sclaverand available. Just Schrader.
I have fitted a new tube on the front yesterday and it is much better know.
I mean I don’t loose 4 bars in 2 days (10km) anymore. I am losing more or less what BSA described now (i.e. 0.1 bar /day) now.

It was the first time I changed a tube. Completed the procedure in 20 minutes. Not difficult at all. Once getting used to it I can imagine easily to do it in 5 minutes outside should a puncture happen suddenly.

I have also received the frame clip. In my opinion, it is much better to keep it close with this clip rather than interlocking the bottom tube behind the front tube. Each time I was doing it (crossing the tube) I could feel that you make the rear hinge “work” in a way it isn’t supposed to do. Difficult to explain, but you can feel that you are apply sideways force in a mechanism that is supposed to work only in a forward/backward direction.
That’s why before to received the frame clip, and when possible I was using a velcro strap to keep the three tubes together instead of crossing the tubes.
So thanks for the advice regarding this clip.

I bought some locking zipper to keep the bike secure. Nothing compared to real lock but very lightweight and more than enough to store your bike while I am buying my lunch. You can use two at the same time to make a longer lock. Very usefull :
Of course it won’t replace a chain but that’s not the purpose.

I have noticed I a regular “friction” noise coming coming from the rear braking disc. I need to follow the procedure to reset the breaking pads position. The manual isn’t very clear about that.

I have remove the carrier rack. Not only I wasn’t using it but it looks a bit clunky and flimsy to me (maybe because I have the plastic version). If I need to rest the bicycle on the ground I put it gently on the rear of the saddle if I can’t store it vertically. And I like to be light. For that reason I am thinking about the combo rinsten spring + lightweight/racing saddle. We will see.

Still waiting for mini airbone pump with 130psi capacity and pressure gauge. I am fed up to take the compressor out from my car to inflate the tyres. It makes a lot of noise and therefore I can’t do it late evening/early morning or I’ll wake all the neighborhood.

What else ? Oh yes. Of course, people are amazed by this bicycle. I can’t ride without provoking smile or question. I just come back from a short ride from Luxembourg city center to the train station to buy few stuffs and I (20 minutes ride back and forth), I had the cashier at the shop amazed by the folding mechanism and wanted more information, taxi driver shocked (in a good way) when going out from the place where I eat, two policeman walking in a city center that stop to look and smile at me, one construction worker that say when passing by :“sympa le velo” which in french means “nice bicycle”. In 20 minutes !!! I am ashamed to say that my bike is an attention whore ! and last week the women at the pharmacy waited to have no client anymore to come around the cash machine to see how it was working. It is pleasant but at the same time very disturbing for me as I am the kind of person to stay at the very far corner of the room. I don’t like drawing attention.

Ah yes, I confirm that cobblestones aren’t favorite playground !

I am strongly thinking to change tyres and switch to Innova (winter is coming).This morning road looked slippery for the first time since several months.

Yesterday afternoon was funny. One train was canceled, so a lot of people ended hoping in my train. We were three riders in my wagon, the two other riding traditional bicycle. I was the only one being able to sat and without annoying the other commuters or baby strollers because the strida was folded and stored between my legs. No additional foot print needed. Awesome !

I think that’s all folks !