How ridiculous when they are showed side by side?

I’ve just discovered that the advertisement of the local distributor of Strida in Hong Kong and the advertisement of an SLO (Strida Looking Object, a.k.a. fake Strida) dealer in Hong Kong are showed side by side on the Ads by Google here. It’s really ironic.

A big advertisement of fakes appears on the thread talking about fake Stridas on :laughing:

Of course, the ad can only be seen by us in Hong Kong.

Unfortunately the irony is lost on us ignorant westerners who can’t read Han script.

You can still see the irony after I told you that.

Although most of you cannot understand the Chinese on the fake seller’s website, you can still see the photos and prices in HKD on their web page.

Maybe you can barely understand the text after using Google Translate: … h-CN&tl=en

They even have spare parts available: