Golden Strida in the showroom of the local distributor

I went to the local distributor of Strida in Hong Kong on Monday to buy some spare parts and tubes for my Strida 3. I didn’t expect that there would be something new or surprise, so I didn’t bring a camera.

However, other than the new set up Strida Café, I found that a golden Strida was there!

It was a pity that I could only use my cell phone to take some out of focus, low pixel, low quality photos on it. :confused:
Golden Strida1.jpgGolden Strida2.jpg

Better photos taken by another member of Hong Kong Strida Club


Worthy of Auric Goldfinger. This Strida should be named the “Jill Masterton” model.

People in Ming Cycle call it the “Golden Warrior” edition.

Other members of Hong Kong Strida Club and I call it the “Hyaku Shiki” edition. :laughing:

Golden mudguards for golden Strida: DIY Make your own color Mudguard

Don’t ride the bike without a golden helmet and the Hyaku Shiki T-shirt. :laughing: