Falling bottom tube

The bottom tube keeps dropping when its folded, so I’m the lookout for a neat prevention method.

I had a quick look at the manual and http://www.Strida.co.uk but I couldnt tell whether tightening the bolt on the wheel would help, or if it would stop the wheel turning?

It was very tight when I tried to turn it, i guess it has some thread lock on? so I’ve left it as is for now.

Hello James.

Are you pulling the bottom tube fully over the little black dome (“skiffy” in the manual)? It should be a bit “tight” going over that.

If that doesn’t help, can you post a picture or 2 so we can see better what’s happening?

I wasn’t sure whether the tube was supposed to pass the “skiffy” or not.

I was worried if doing so would put excessive sideways pressure on the rear hinge as passing the skiffy pushes the bottom tube our sideways so it is no longer aligned with the seat post. I’m not looking at the bike right now so perhaps I’m not being very clear. I shall try it this way and post my further problems with photos

Thanks for the advice.