Failed washer in handlebar lock

Part #215-09

I guess it is unreasonable to try finding it in local bike shop. Here are the dimensions of that part:
width = 13.3mm
height =~ 18mm (it is curved, difficult to measure)
thickness = 1.5mm
hole diameter = 6mm

It is made of hard plastic

Any ideas for substitute?

As first aid I would try to create the part out of ABS sheet, which seems to be usual at (RC) model making shops.
For example the Conrad company offers that material:

Maybe you have a modelbuilding friend who could give you a little piece, the sheet above is not really expensive, but much too much.

Strida France has the part number in their parts catalogue, but not in stock.
(And the parts picture isn’t correct, it’s showing a bolt :unamused: )

Some updates. Acrylic glass is not suitable - it is too brittle. Now I’m testing a washer made of 3 sheets of thin (0.5mm) flexible plastic. At least it did not break after initial screwing =)

Mine has just gone - did you ever fix this satisfactorily?

Hello stjrp,

well…I’m not really happy about, but I have to say that one_half_3544 was logged in the last time on 16.05.2013…perhaps you’ll get no reply…

Did you already ask Strida UK for this part?
(Sorry, I don’t have a valid email handy.)

These are the contact details of the official UK distributor:

Cycotic Distribution
Unit 2 Premier Park
5 Premier Park Road
Park Royal
NW10 7NZ
a bikerepublic ltd company

Tel: 0208 400 2222


Naturally we do have this part in stock in Vienna (0,43 €), but shipping to UK would multiply the price by factor ~10 :cry:

Thanks. Strida UK not massively good on stock and parts.

Do you supply an alloy freewheel and how much would it be shipped to the UK? thanks

Hi To you in the U.K., I can help you with a freewheel. I have added the U.K. to my shipping options in my web site because of Strida fans like yourself not being able to find parts. Shipping is 10 business days, a small parcel less than .5 kg is 20.00 cdn.

Cheers, Bill Wilby
Strida Canada West

Thanks Bill, you were faster :smiley:

Sure; please look at your mailbox for details :wink: