E Strida - the genuine electric one by Ming

Hi Chris,
Hope you’re well too!
Thanks for posting the link.
Based on that list, the two items below are the relevant ones in determining if the OneMotor Strida mount fits as-is:

  1. Frame is different . Not just the size but also the weldings.
    Here the important thing is that the ‘s-curve’ that is above the rear wheel is the same shape, as the OneMotor mount clamps onto this, and the mount is designed to EXACTLY fit that curve (we 3D-scanned it with a high-end scanner)
  2. Wheel size is different(14 vs 16 or 18).
    Here the 14" wheel size would mean that the sliding adjustability of the OneMotor mount would need to be able to slide far enough ‘downwards’ to reach the 14-in tire. Unless of course the frame of the mini positions the wheel closer to the ‘s-curve’ where the OneMotor mount sits, which seems more likely if they have a separate frame design for this bike…

So my hunch is that there’s a good chance it’ll fit, with the shape of the S-curve being the most important factor to check!

I hope that helps!