Boring noise from the front detachable pin hinge

Dear all,

I brought a new Strida 5.0 from authorize dealer two months ago in Hong Kong, I found that it is a good bicycle in its type, but after a few ride, some boring noise appeared from the front detachable pin hinge of the triangular frame, especially when I ride it on uphill roads.

My finding:
The detachable hinge consists of two parts, one is the big pin, which is fixed on the steering column, and the other consists of the pinhole at the lower arm of the frame where baring is fixed on the top and bottom side of the hole. I examined the bearings and found that the lower bearing (which bears on the steering column) was damaged. It is rough and does not turn smoothly when I turn it by my fingers.

My questions:
My Strida is the latest version of its type, I only ride it about 150 km on normal condition cycling track, I never push it over kerbs or deep bumps, my weight is 160 lb and it does not exceed the loading limit of the bicycle. May I conclude that this may be a manufacture defect on my bicycle? ( I wish it is not a design fault or a defect by low quality parts). Is the warranty covers this defect of my bicycle?
On the other hand, I found no option in this forum for upload photos to facilitate the communication between members, otherwise I need not to write so much on describing to my topic.


Paul W

I would take it back - bearings can be faulty and are easily replaced.

Hi Paul,

I’m also a Strida user in Hong Kong. Nice to meet you on this forum! :slight_smile:

As your Strida was bought from an authorized dealer in Hong Kong and is still under warranty period, it is sure that the official distributor, Green Urban Mobility Limited will repair it for you.

Here is the detail information of the local distributor of Strida in Hong Kong. You can contact them on weekdays from 11am to 7pm.
Green Urban Mobility Limited
Address: 3A, On Loong Factory Building, 11-13 Luk Hop Street, San Po Kong, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
Tel: (852) 2137 3884

There will be a gathering of Strida users in Hong Kong on this sunday and the boss of the local distributor will join, too. If you have time, I think you can bring your Strida to the gathering and let him check the bike for you.

I’m sorry that there’s no option for uploading photos on this forum. However, you can still paste photos on this forum by using the [img][/img] tags. Just put the photo link between the tags is okay.



Dear Amuro,

Thank you for your information, I will contact the company and take my bicycle for a check.

I cannot join the gathering tomorrow, but with my best wishes to it.


Paul W