Bend Steer

For taller riders Strida invented the so called “bend steer”. This wider steer with a slightly different shape is very usefull when you have a knee, feet distance bigger than 60 cm. With this steer the comfort for taller riders will be increased and you will never touch the steer with your knees anymore. Folding this steer is still possible and doesn’t add extra width to the bike when it’s folded. This accessory will be available at every official Strida dealer in Europe.

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Does anyone know of a global shipping source for these?

I want wider and possible some more room will help standing on the pedals, as I struggle on low speed climbs with the Evo 3-speed when back pedalling changes gear, can’t get a good take-off pedal position to set off on a steep hill without standing/cranking hard.

Not really, of course you might ask Philip:

But, why don’t you order them locally?
Or am I wrong to think that you’re from Down Under?