Belt drive, 4-gear hub

Unfortunately, it’s not a Strida but it does cost about the same (actually $10 less in the U. S.). The design and fold method is more like a conventional Dahon. I would love to have it’s 31-85 gear inches on my Strida though:

Is Ming listening?

I’m always of two minds on the issue of multiple speeds on the Strida. When I’m freewheeling on a downhill stretch I wish I had more, but when I think about one of the most important reasons I bought a Strida in the first place – simplicity – I’m glad I don’t have yet another thing that could go wrong with my bike!

Belt drive, 14-gear hub

My Strida 5.0 cost me $560.00 new.
A Schlumpf Speed Drive will add one extra gear for several hundred more dollars.
The belt-drive, Rohloff-hub, uglier-than-sin Utopia folder will cost $3800.00
My Strida is looking better and better. I can think of many better ways to spend extra thousands of dollars.

Heh, as an aside, those ‘uglier-than-sin’ Utopias are made less than 5 km from where I live! :mrgreen: