Anyone from Germany here?

After watching several videos and fotos regularely times (for a year now), i bought my new Strida 5.2 yesterday and i´m more than impressed!!! Well, i just wanted to try one out again, but after i went to the shop the second time, there was no choice. i gotta have one!
This bike really is a revolution and i don´t think that this phrasing is too strong. if more people change from driving by car everyday to this moodlifting little thing, how much co2 can we save, and how much can we do to prevent people from getting fat or lazy?
alright, so heres my question: is there anybody from germany here?
this bike is simply amazing… :smiley:

yes :smiley: Where did you buy yours? I bought mine online.

I bought mine in Hamburg. Where did you buy yours? And how much have you paid for it?
Where you’re from. Jesus, a lot of Questions!
If you complete your profile…that would help… :sunglasses:

Enjoy this sunny day!

You will certainly improve your mood by riding one, you will certainly burn up calories riding one and this will stop you being fat and lazy (if you were) but you will not really save much CO2.

I know this sounds daft, but when you look into how much oil is used in producing our food, you may be surprised to discover that the average westerner will only get about 60 miles to the gallon on his strida because the extra calories he burns as fuel need to be replaced by eating extra food and that food has embedded petroleum in it and lots of it. Oil is used in fertiliser production, on the farm use of tractors, turning the raw food into palatable meals and also in transporting it. Meat is the most oil soaked food of all - especially beef.

A person eating a diet heavy in American beef which is intensively grain fed on feedlots will only get about 25 miles to the gallon so heavy is the American beef industry into oil powered corn as feedstock.

Also - don’t worry so much about CO2. There are several astronomical reasons why the earth heats up on a cyclic basis. Don’t forget that the Vikings were able to farm on Greenland in the tenth century and it is still far too cold for that now. Also, the Romans were growing good grapes and producing wine in northern England in the years between 100 and 300 AD. You can’t do that now - it is far too cold. As far as I know, the Romans were not using much fossil fuel. There are other reasons for global warming.

To answer your question, caso, I am in Saarbrücken, but as I said, I bought it directly from the Strida Europe web site. The closest dealer is near Ludwigshafen I think. (Or in France, but they overcharge there IMHO.)

Oh and EvilV, I fear I may regret rising to the bait, but I can say that, in my case at least, your CO2 pessimism doesn’t hold true. Perhaps I am not the “average Westerner”, but I tend to eat mostly local, organic food. And I am a vegetarian. :open_mouth:

Ah - StidaD - then you will be a far more carbon efficient cyclist than most. LOL. I was really almost shocked when I looked into the petroleum content of food supplies. It is truly enormous - especially like I said, American stockyard beef. As I recall, it requires up to 40 petroleum Kilo calories to produce one food kilo-calorie of intensively reared American beef. Pork can require as much as 68 oil calories for every single food calorie. :astonished:

Best wishes my ‘low carbon’ friend. Happy cycling to you.

What i meant was that it’s better than driving a car through the city…so this will definitely save CO2 and produces less pollution. I am still enjoying driving my Strida. Next step will be selling my car and by a smaller one. This year is downgrade-year… :slight_smile: