Amplified too much by Strida

Today I was amplified too much by Strida. :open_mouth:
The Max-speed exceeded 60km/h(37mph) => YouTube Video

I experienced the Space Warp :sunglasses:

Amazing !! โ€ฆ hope you wore a helmet !

Thank you :smiley:

When I started, I drove Strida with one hand(left) and took video with right hand. And then I felt DEATH when I tried to slow down(12~19seconds in the video). So I had to put down my right hand on grip after the crisis. :cry:

Strida is stable and strong. But I must say, โ€œNever drive with one hand during a nosedive.โ€ :mrgreen:

Hey, please be careful, especially on that kind of road!

you are a hero!!

go faster!