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Tired on 18"

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Tired on 18"

Postby on Wed Jan 04, 2023 10:29 am

Innova are sold at a extremely high price (3x market price maybe) on Strida sites + they are very prone to puncture, a very pale copy of Schwalbe marathon.

Has anyone recently tried some alternative tires on 18" wheels? Schwalbe seems to have a further reduced offer with only the kojak that seem to fit. Tannus airless maybe?

I would welcome advice very much.


Re: Tired on 18"

Postby Blackstridaaustria on Wed Jan 04, 2023 11:31 am

Hello Philippe,

unfortunately, due to the odd tyre size 355 mm, the choice is extremely limited since many years.

The (basic) options are limited too -> switching to 16" wheel size / ETRTO 305 mm.

The advanced option are custom wheels with 349 mm (Brompton) rim size, that will multiply the tyre choice :wink:

Tannus are not that easy to mount (and hard to get rid off), just saying...

Last option - you choosed already - ask weirdos at forums :lol:



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